Join others for the excitement of this fun, lively, NEW, game now available on all penny stock and many other Yahoo Boards. No registration required to play. You may even become one of the lucky winners of valuable prizes.


Haberfool (a variation on his true name) is named after the notorious troll and contra-indicator, (name removed for fear of whinning by The Lizard) The Haber-troll stalked and still stalks Yahoo boards today. Rumor has it that it operates with as many as 200 distinct Yahoo ID’s. (We at Yahoo Games know the number is actually considerably greater than rumored. Un-diagnosed Haber-ID’s have long been rampant though  their posts sometimes are not recognized as they are confused with those of other psychotic posters.)


Haber-ID’s and hence Haber-posts are typically characterized by abusive and usually vulgar, often perversely sexually laced baseless personal attacks on a board’s most informed posters. Haber posts almost always avoid any serious reference to the stock in question though often reference the troll’s alleged successes elsewhere. Haber ID’s also regularly attack President Obama and anyone expressing a social/political leaning left of Attila The Hun.

A useful measure for screening for Haber-posts is their affinity for self-applied star ratings . Usually, these are fours and fives though “the stinky” sometimes applies one and two star ratings to his own posts in a clever (he thinks) attempt to generate sympathy as a persecuted poster.

Another, though less reliable screening technique, is to look for posters being called azz-holes and worst by otherwise serious posters. However, in our increasingly sophisticated world, better educated sophisticated, serious posters have long since put his ID’s on ignore hence no longer react verbally to Haber-foolishness on a real time basis.


The in-explainably accurate contra-indicative stock price predictions of the Habertroll has lead to the founding of the investing science of Haberology. Astute, now wealthy, Haberologists are always on the look-out for the leaning of new Haber-ID so they can place their bets contrary to the troll’s (affectionately called “stinky” or “stinkfingers” by veteran Haberologists) latest ravings and stock sentiments.

Says noted Haberologist, Sir Derek Moss, “The “stinky” is uncanny. He called the bottom for KKD at $33 before it plummeted to $1. He called the top for Apple at $100 just before it went to $200. He has been consistently bullish on the COIN disaster all the way from the teens to 95 cents. He even contended that TNRO.OB wasn’t a fraud all the way down into its current single digit penny prices. I’ve made a second fortune going against his predictions. I'll make a third fortune on his pathetically lame bashing of the otherwise somewhat speculative ACCP.OB”

(Yahoo Games counsel here that while Mr. Moss is correct regarding the past, such past performance should not be used as an indicator of future performance. The Lizard (another affectionate nickname for Haberman used by Haberologists) may get one right one day -- no one is 100% imperfect)


As noted there are a vast number of current and former Haber-ID’s. Many have thousands of posts to their credit. ALL REMAIN UN-LABELED for purposes of this game and are available for you to earn STARS (points) To earn STARS (points) simply discover a previously unlabeled Haber-ID or post and be the first to reply to it with a labeling post headlined “U R A HABERFOOL, AZZ-HOLE” (exact wording is crucial to our scoring procedure though you may add an abusive text to the body of the post.)

We at Yahoo Games will review all properly formatted allegations of Haberism. We, of course, know which ID’s are Haberman and will award STARS (points).

The scoring procedure is as follows:

25 Stars for the first label on a Haber-ID

2 Stars for the first label on a previously unlabeled Haber-post.

As you can see, there is great star scoring potential available if you are the first to discover a particularly active Haberman ID.

Haberman can be played 24/7 as “the stinky” is active around the clock seven days a week. Be advised, however, that this is an adult game. The language and sexual imagery of “the stinky” is not for children or those with a weak stomach.

Also be warned that the very act of playing Haberman may lead to reprisal attacks by the Haber-troll. Posters are advised to create secret new ID’s just for Haber-play. That way you can just laugh your ass off as “the stinky” calls your cover ID a fat, greasy turd or similar without the vaguest idea of who you are.

NOTE MY ID VERY CAREFULLY (ERIC4HABERMAN). I will be the SOLE spokesman and score-keeper for the game of HABERFOOL. “The stinky” is notorious for trying to forge the ID’s of articulate, well-informed posters and any who attack him. (another great screening strategy for Haber-ID’s). Carefully remember the exact spelling of my ID to assure you get accurate periodic game updates.

Another official source of Haberman Game information at:

Good luck and much fun for all.

Your Real Pal Eric at Yahoo Games


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